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Should you take food supplements?

Several years ago, my mum’s fingers became stiff and painful and it would get worse during the cold season, mornings and evenings. She was later diagnosed with Osteoarthritis . We tried several medications including steroid injections. I didnt know that she could take food supplements for such a condition until i met a friend who recommended that i try Collagen peptides with Magnesium (they actually shared the collagen tablets they had for a start).

Within 2 weeks of taking, mum regained flexibility and the pain started fading. She has since recovered (more than 4 years now) and takes the supplements once in a while just for maintenance.

That marked the start of my journey with food supplements.

You might ask: which food supplements should i take? Can i actually use supplements for my condition?

There is alot of information available online nowadays where you can do your extensive research. I am compiling a guide through my blog posts to share information about the most popular supplements according to various users, and how they can help you.

I realized that sharing/exchanging information could change the course of one’s life for the better, forever. That actually understanding your health condition better, helps make informed decisions on how to manage your diet, lifestyle and which food supplements you can incorporate.

The products in this website are bestsellers from various major Brands in Europe. They are best sellers for a reason-THEY WORK!

Walk with me. Learn more on my blog. Talk to me. You could just be one food supplement away from solving that persistent problem!